Dr. Richard Alexander, BSc, DC

Dr. Richard Alexander has a tremendous way of motivating his patients to achieve their health goals. As a graduate of Syracuse University, where he attended on a full soccer scholarship, he still has a passion for the game. He currently plays, coaches and mentors other coaches to help their athletes achieve high levels. Dr. Richard has personally helped countless soccer players obtain university scholarships in his spare time. He is a believer in what he calls "active health" - creating a team between the patient, himself and other practitioners - to make an individualized program to return the patient to healthy living. You will routinely hear him in the office speaking with athletes from soccer, football, track and field, hockey and/or basketball where it is obvious that he understands the importance of both the physical and sport psychological aspect to recovery. High school and Rep Club coaches refer athletes to him, knowing that he will return them to the game mentally and physically stronger. Dr. Richard has an engaging personality and has done many motivational and leadership speaking engagements for businesses, sports clubs, as well as the City of Markham.

Dr. Richard currently lives with his family in Cornell, and is often seen at the parks kicking a ball, or going for a run with his wife and daughter. He is a firm believer in setting an example for his patients.

Dr. Laura Rowe, BSc, DC

Dr. Laura Rowe knows what it takes to be healthy and feel great. Her lifestyle epitomizes the fitness and healthy habits that she preaches to her patients. As a mother of 2 young children and a chiropractor in Cornell for over 15 years, she has seen it all - personally, and in the lives of her patients - and has figured out the secret of how to feel great all of the time.

Too many people go through life living with pain and discomfort, stressed to the max with no thought of how to "fix" it. Upon meeting Dr. Laura, you'll know she has it figured out. She has competed in many multi-day, international adventure races, as well as 2 Boston Marathons, multiple ultra-marathons and cycling races of 50miles to 400miles. If you live in the neighbourhood, you will have seen her training with her kids - pushing the jogger or the kids riding their bikes alongside her. She knows what it's like to be injured. She knows what it's like to balance work, children and fitness. And she knows what it's like to come back stronger after injury and pregnancy.

Dr. Laura cares immensely about her patients and works very hard to get them feeling better as quickly as possible. She believes she can make a positive difference in each and every person that she treats.

David Wilkins, RMT

I have always loved running and atheltics - and what they can do for and to the human body. I started running mid-distance races at a young age and found that with proper training and massage therapy, I excelled. This early discovery, involving alternate forms of health care, lead me to a career in massage therapy. I loved how it helped my body and athletic performance, and wanted to help others in the same way. I have traveled to Thailand to learn Thai Massage from the experts. I have taken many varied courses to further my skills in working with athletes. I excel at treating athletes and helping them achieve their fitness goals and athletic endeavors - whether it be competing in MMA, triathlon, marathon, soccer and/or hockey.

I have a passion for helping my patients through massage in the therapy room, but also to help them change their lives and health through exercise and diet. I personally train many of my patients and am active in their recovery and fitness gains.

Tenille Hallman, RMT

What I love about massage therapy is its both a modern evidence-based practice and an ancient healing art form. It appeals to my interest in the way the body works and my attraction to natural therapies. The human body and all its processes is miraculous to say the least. The more I have come to understand its inner workings the more I have been able to identify its interconnectedness. It is through this understanding that I practice massage and base my own health rituals. My philosophy on healthy living is rooted in the phrase "you are what you eat". Most diseases stem from eating poor quality foods, but we don't need to sacrifice great health for great taste. If we channel our love of food to align with our love of life we can have the best of both. I am an avid researcher of nutrition and am determined to create and share foods we can enjoy that are medicinal to our bodies.

Aside from massage and nutrition, I like to pursue new sports that keep me energetic and adventurous. To maintain balance, my activities vary as I phase in new routines from time to time. A constant through the past several years has been running outdoors and practicing yoga.

Dr. Sindy Shin, BSc, ND

The need for health promotion and disease prevention continually motivates me to encourage a proactive approach to living well. My goal as your naturopathic doctor is to help you discover your greatest potential in health. We work together to identify underlying imbalances and I help you understand what your body needs to restore optimal function. With a whole-body perspective and individualized approach, you will receive comprehensive care to promote positive change in your life.

I have a family practice with a special interest in hormonal imbalances, stress management, digestive support and overall care to improve energy, sleep, mood and vitality. I love working with children and have a passion for supporting healthy conception, addressing infertility issues and pre & post natal wellness. Thinking of starting a family has its share of joy, excitement, stress and worry. My hope is to support growing families through the journey.

I am a thankful mom and wife, lover of dogs and researcher of wholesome cookie recipes to hopefully have time to bake one day. I understand the whirlwind that life can be at times and I encourage you to care for yourself so your body can take care of you.

Michelle Chin, ND,R.Ac

As your naturopathic doctor, my goal is to promote a long lasting and healthy lifestyle. When treating acute and chronic conditions I believe in a holistic and individualized approach that takes into consideration all of the lifestyle factors that affect health. I enjoy going beyond the simple disciplinary approach by combining various therapies to help return the body to its natural state of balance.

Travel has always been a strong interest in my life and it is where I've gained a passion for learning different cultural backgrounds of medicine. I visited Vietnam to enhance my acupuncture and Traditional Asian Medicine skills and continue to integrate my love of travel with my traditional and natural forms of medicine.